- After the Honeymoon

"I have read your book, After the Honeymoon. I found it a powerful book, and I hope it helps so many men and so many families".



Tania – January 28, 2018

You come across as a real professional and you know what you are talking about. I like the way you are direct, detailed and even confronting because you at the same time seem to respect me. I respond to information and I find your lists and diagrams most interesting. The chapters were an excellent length and I will know which ones to re-read and when because of their informative titles.


Tone of voice is hugely a factor in men's negative reaction. So how to handle ourselves in this area of listening is - I thought - more challenging than I think than even you gave us credit for. But, whew, I'll be keeping ‘After the Honeymoon' close by. All in all an excellent book especially as it got me into a group. And it did this through your being so knowledgeable about how we men can behave. Thank you Robin.


M. Hill - December 30, 2017

"It's not often that the struggle towards recovery of regretful abusive men is looked at seriously, and with any sense of hope for change in behaviour. Robin's book provides understanding, thoughtful and firm advice to men who know they need to change, who desperately want to change their behaviour on a fundamental level. Many men want to change. I want to change. And with this book, a way forward suddenly seems possible."


John Back – October 25, 2017