Opening the Door from Inside

Opening the Door From Inside examines how women become trapped in abusive relationships and what they can do to extricate themselves, safely and on their own terms. Although it focusses on female victims of domestic violence it is just as relevant for male victims. Also, perpetrators who are looking to understand and change the way they relate to women may find it a valuable resource.

This book covers the theory and dynamics underpinning abusive relationships and sets out a practical, action-oriented approach where the abused woman learns when it’s safe to open the door and speak out and how to change the destructive circumstances of her life, one vital step at a time.

It offers guidelines for abused women, friends and families and the helping professions by:

  • Identifying how women get stuck

  • Empowering and guiding them as to how to change their life circumstances

  • Teaching them to identify abusive behaviours and to recognise danger signs

  • Learning to recognise psychopathic abusers

  • Presenting clear guidance about making healthier relationship choices


This book also addresses some of the struggles professional counsellors face when working in this difficult field along with those connected by kinship or friendship to the abused person. The question of ‘how to help’ their clients is explored.

Opening the Door From Inside is a distillation of Robin’s extensive work into domestic violence. What makes it unique is her broadly based practice of working with both male perpetrators and female victims and her recognition of the opportunities for change that women themselves can put into practice.

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