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After the Honeymoon is a practical manual to help abusive men understand why they behave so aggressively, how they drive women away, what needs to change and the skills required to achieve a loving, violence-free relationship.


It’s for men who want to become better partners and fathers but continually fail because they don’t know how to control their raw emotions or how to achieve and maintain relationships built on respect, constructive communication and positive problem solving.


Knowing that abusing women is wrong does not naturally translate into attitudinal and behavioural change, both of which are crucial in halting violence. Most abusers need to learn how to make these changes and change takes time. This book will help them along this journey.

Opening the Door From Inside:


How to deal with domestic violence is a remarkable and hopeful book that answers many of the questions abused women struggle with. “Why do I feel so stuck?” “Why do I keep giving him another chance?” “Why do I choose the wrong men?”

This book is crammed with information about domestic violence and sets out a practical, action-oriented approach where the abused woman learns when it’s safe to open the door and speak out and how to change the destructive circumstances of her life, one vital step at a time.




Empathy traps women in bad relationships. We suffer but so, too, do these abusive men. It is how women get drawn back time and again. Abusers can change and must change but we also need to change. These books show the way. It’s a journey that I, myself, have travelled. 

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