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Why treating women badly,

ends badly.

After the Honeymoon

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending." 

Maria Robertson

Run, Robin, Run

“Mum always shoos us outside because we ‘need fresh air’. We get more fresh air than anyone else I know.”

The author invites us into her world where children improvised play in their neighbourhood, growing up with little adult supervision but rushing home at mealtimes. The children’s world of the ’40s and ’50s is vividly recreated in a way that is at once nostalgic, historic yet contemporary.

Run, Robin, Run depicts with humour the author’s struggle, lost in the middle of a large family with a spirit that frequently created problems for her. She was driven by a growing awareness of unfairness, injustice and defiance, tempered by the need for love. Hers is a world where the unexpected happens even on the most ordinary of days.

Pop Art

Run, robin, run

My extended family are a talented bunch. Artists, musicians, authors and more. This is the most recent book by my aunt Robin Parry. Robin's such a beautiful writer. Her story is sharp, funny and sometimes a little dark, exposing life in a huge Catholic family in mid-century New Zealand. Much kudos to Robin for having the tenacity and humor to live it, the skill to write it, and the brain power to remember it all along the way.

Amanda Schaake

How to deal with domestic violence

This book is written especially for abused women. It makes sense of abuse, explains what traps them and describes how to change their circumstances one vital step at a time.  

Opening the Door From Inside:


How to deal with domestic violence is a remarkable and hopeful book that answers many of the questions abused women struggle with. “Why do I feel so stuck?” “Why do I keep giving him another chance?” “Why do I choose the wrong men?”

This book is crammed with information about domestic violence and sets out a practical, action-oriented approach where the abused woman learns when it’s safe to open the door and speak out and how to change the destructive circumstances of her life, one vital step at a time.

Why treating women badly ends badly

This book is written especially for abusive men who want to know how to manage their raw emotions and learn how to build respectful, loving and enduring relationships. 

After the Honeymoon is a practical manual to help abusive men understand why they behave so aggressively, how they drive women away, what needs to change and the skills required to achieve a loving, violence-free relationship.


It’s for men who want to become better partners and fathers but continually fail because they don’t know how to control their raw emotions or how to achieve and maintain relationships built on respect, constructive communication and positive problem solving.


Knowing that abusing women is wrong does not naturally translate into attitudinal and behavioural change, both of which are crucial in halting violence. Most abusers need to learn how to make these changes and change takes time. This book will help them along this journey.


Lynne Roberts, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 2017,

Vol. 38, pp. 546–547

Opening the Door from Inside is a recommended resource for individuals, friends and family affected by domestic violence, in addition to professionals who would like to increase their skills and knowledge. The book is practical and clearly presented. The author's personal experience provides valuable knowledge and insight. Robin Parry explores the reasons why women enter into, and remain in, violent relationships with empathy and understanding.


Domestic Violence Survivor

April 2020

"I must say, there have been amazing books that help put life into perspective and one of them was yours. Thank you"​

Opening the Door from Inside

Jack Back

October 25, 2017

"It's not often that the struggle towards recovery of regretful abusive men is looked at seriously, and with any sense of hope for change in behaviour. Robin's book provides understanding, thoughtful and firm advice to men who know they need to change, who desperately want to change their behaviour on a fundamental level. Many men want to change. I want to change. And with this book, a way forward suddenly seems possible."

After the Honeymoon


I am a clinical social worker, family therapist and mental health worker (BSW Hons., MSW). I am a registered member of the Australian Association of Social Workers and a clinical member of the Australian Association of Family Therapists.


My work experience has been extensive with counselling and managerial roles in social & community health centers’, child and adolescent psychiatry and in private practice.


I have worked with individuals, couples and families who have experienced relationship issues, family conflict, life crises, abuse, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, grief, parenting issues, alcohol abuse, mental illness, and most other human difficulties.


Over the years I developed particular expertise in working with domestic violence – counselling abused women in therapeutic/educational groups and individually. I also conducted therapeutic/educational groups for male perpetrators of abuse and counselled them individually and also with their partners when appropriate. This has led to a greater focus on writing and the publication of books and journal articles about domestic violence.